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Precious Recycling

Diamantiques, concerned about resources, has developed a jewelry creation service using old jewelry materials: Precious recycling©.

In Precious recycling©, the stones come from old rings, brooches, earrings or necklaces. Indeed, for Diamantiques, the most ecological materials are those which are already extracted and which often sleep in family jewelry boxes. These are eco-virtuous, they do not require plundering natural resources, exploiting children or building expensive factories to manufacture synthetic stones, the prices of which remain very high.

Precious recycling© creations are unique.
Precious recycling© is a registered trademark of Diamantiques.

19th century ivory token transformed into a ring. 18K (750°/00) yellow gold setting.

Precious recycling©, how does it work?

  • Diamantiques finds and selects antique jewelry for the quality and originality of their elements (stones, pearls, patterns, gold, silver, etc.) and details the creative possibilities offered by antique jewelry found there.
  • Anne designs and draws several possible jewels from old jewels: change of wear without change of pattern (brooch becomes ring) or transformation (new pattern from recovered materials).
  • The most attractive project is selected and submitted to one or more skilled craftsmen-jewelers experienced in working old metals, in order to verify the feasibility at the best value for money.
  • After validation of the technical constraints, the jewel is made.
  • The jewel is then photographed and put up for sale on the site

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