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Expertise and estimate

Our expert Anne Pellerin specializing in the field of jewelry and watches has senior experience, which allows her to have knowledge of the price of jewelry and second-hand watches on the art market.

The whole team is at your disposal to advise you, giving you the right price of an object for sale.

This price is established according to a set of indices which are: the results of public auctions, the course of private transactions, the prices held in shops, etc.

First, they can carry out e-valuations online, based on your photographs, to give you a first initial estimate.

However, the final expertise, as well as the descriptions of the jewels, watches and precious objects in our online catalog, are always carried out visually.

Our experts identify the era, the materials, authenticate the signatures, summarize this information in a detailed descriptive sheet to give you an exhaustive and precise idea of the object.

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