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Diamantiques, the passion for jewelry

In 2015, Anne Pellerin, a graduate of the École du Louvre, ING (National Gemmology Institute), HRD Antwerp (diamond grader diploma) and holder of an auctioneer diploma, created Diamantiques. E-shop and appraisal firm, specializing in appraised jewellery, gems and watches.

Diamantiques is located in the 9th arrondissement, the historic district of jewelery and precious stone professionals. A stone’s throw from the Richelieu Drouot auction room and the big names in the diamond trade, Diamantiques offers its selection. The ultimate goal: to present and create a dialogue between old, recent and contemporary precious jewels – some of which are signed and listed by era – from the end of the 18th century to today.

Anne Pellerin


All jewelry and all precious stones sold by Diamantiques are appraised by Anne Pellerin. Member of the Fnepsa (national federation of professional experts specialized in art) and of the CEDEA (European confederation of art experts) Anne selects and describes each of the jewels herself. Chaque objet est accompagné d’un certificat d’authenticité (mentionnant les principales caractéristiques : description des matériaux, époque, prix et date d’achat). Why Diamantiques.com ? With us, there are no additional intermediation commissions. The jewels on offer all pass through expert hands and are kept in a bank vault .

All Diamantiques’s jewels sold on the website are covered by a transport insurance and are shipped by a trusted transporter. You can also pick up jewelry you buy in the showroom, with an appointment.

Diamantiques in 3 questions with Anne Pellerin

Anne, how and why did you create Diamantiques ?

I’ve been passionate about jewelry since childhood. I love the intimate relationship that bonds between a jewel and its wearer. Passionate about history, I love what a jewel tells us about an era, fashion and the personality of the person who chose it.

Diamantiques opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing a mix of styles and eras. In traditional jewelry stores, the windows display jewels of different styles, but they are often contemporary. At Diamantiques, Vintage and modern jewelry, signed, designer or “love at first sight”, mix and mingle, echoing the 21st-century woman who breaks free from the dictates of fashion to create her own style..

Diamantiques is a global and very Parisian vision of fashion, allowing for audacious combinations in both textiles and jewelry.

Anne Pellerin

Anne, what are your favorite jewels and eras?

My parallel research into auction items has enabled me to expand my knowledge of the Belle Epoque. Apart from the Art Nouveau period, I love all periods. I can’t get enough of the shapes and colors of romantic jewelry from the 19th century to the geometric creations of the 20th. My favorite as a collector are the modernists of the 70s, such as Andrew Grima and Joseph Kutchinsky. Each era has its own uniqueness, and what I love most of all is mixing styles in elegant harmony and variety of wears.

Also, Diamantiques offers a wide range of jewelry styles: swirl or simple solitaire rings, tank or semainier bracelets, choker or sautoir necklaces, birth medals, cameo or designer pendants, Belle Époque or modernist brooches, stud earrings or ear pendants…

All the jewels shown on the websiteDiamantiques.com are selected for their quality, aesthetic appeal and historical interest. Each has been checked and can be restored if necessary.

does the jewels can be altered ?

Diamantiques offers several types of alterations:

Transformation of antique jewelry (“change of wear”: from brooch to necklace, for example). This transformation service, Precious recycling © allows you to acquire a unique jewel. Each piece is created from reinterpreted antique jewelry, for a guarantee of originality and conservation of natural resources.

Tailor-made creations from your old-fashioned jewelry .For example, an old brooch with a very large stone can be turned into a ring with matching earrings. fter checking the viability of the project,Diamantiques offers sketches, according to your wishes.

Jewelry repair (sizing, polishing, rhodium-plating, claw repair, clasp change, etc.).

Digital technology for second-hand jewelry

Lisa Guitard, Community Manager

With a degree in Art History and Art Market, and a passion for vintage and second-hand, Lisa sees the world of sustainable fashion as a playground in which she can explores new means of expression and consumption. Passionate about design and graphics, particularly the Bauhaus era, the 20s and 40s fascinated her with their modernity, their rejection of codes and their search for a new functionalism.

Lisa Guitard's portrait

What’s your career path with Diamantiques?

I joined Diamantiques as an intern at the end of September 2020. I immediately fell in love with the jewelry and the unique story behind each piece. With Anne, I discovered a world which I was unfamiliar, that of jewelry and gemology, a vast and fascinating world that brings together technique, history and fashion.

Today, I’m in charge of communications and content creation for Diamantiques. For small and medium-sized stores like Diamantiques, digital is a way of communicating and inspiring. It also allows us to draw inspiration, spot jewelry trends and propose new themes.

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